Monday, July 26, 2010


quite a emo day for me today
maybe with a bad start for my day this morning
i wake up late this morning
9am class i wake up at 830am
once i wake up i just OMG...WTF!
wake up late nvm la
but then i go campus by frenz car
i made them late for class also!
felt so bad tat time!
my whole day juz like moody moody
less smile on this stupid LEONG SHU TENG's face
do what oso feel like ng shun lei
no heart listen to my lecture
cant get wat lecturer teaching there
feel like i really not a engineering ppl!
what is my future?

can i have SS with me right now?
can i have U be with me right now oso?
i need u all badly!
miss u all!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


came back this stress place almost 9 days edi
was on9ing using hostel shitty wireless
how shit it is?
cant access to youtube
cant watch video from youtube
cant load my PPS
and many things i cant do with this wireless
juz like what my coursemate said
"have it better than dont have!"
totally agree what they said!
now i just wan to sing
i want my streamyx back!
i want my streamyx back!
i wan my streamyx back!
just enjoy online~~~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wonderful HK trip

i m back from HK!
actually back long time but yet now just update my blog
its a lovely and wonderful trip with my 2nd beauty sis
and v get a team of good tour guide which are our suk suk's family
they bring us go visit here n there
they accompany us walk here n there
are glad to have u all
thx alot!

hk airport>>>dinner at aiport>>>rambler oasis hotel(is a cheap hotel but sevice quite bad)

wiv my lovely sis
hello hk =)
hk night street....on de way to hotel...

池记(had a very nice wan tan mee and a very big size wan tan...jeng!)>>>>旺角中心(shopping session...really can shopping till u drop here)>>>>稻香(dinner time...had a very nice dong gua zhong here..donno this shop izit opened by MR Jay Chow le?haha)>>>>星光大道(see HK leng night view here..all the lighting are so beautiful!)>>>香港文化中心(just have a walk here)>>>>rambler oasis hotel>>>ZZzzz

'shui gao'...hou jiak!

wan tan mee...jeng!
lui yan gai
the hotel that artist always high tea on there
night view

pack our things early in the morning caz v decided move n stay at my sum sum's house since their house got place 4 us to this v can save 2 nights hotel fees and take it to use in shopping!!!muahahahaha...=D
大家乐(also called cafe de coral...don miss understand oh..not parade tat cafe de de food more nicer ok?hehe...had our breakfast here)>>>昂平(can c de big buddha here...go there by cable car)>>>大澳(a peaceful fish village...can find dolphin here...and can buy many hoi mei here...all de villagers are so friendly!)>>>>东涌shopping mall(all the outlets are and many more...if u really mad to the branded thingsss...u can shop til drop here..haha)>>>>back to sum sum house...sum sum prepared dinner 4 us while v shopping in the outlets....a nice 住家饭!feel so touch n warm...thx sum sum...=*

mcd(had my 猪柳蛋汉堡包here..jeng!msia talak such things lo...sad...=( )
after that whole day stayed inside de disneyland...
its not consider big so me n my sis had tried almost everything inside disneyland
still got fireworks show at 8pm
its sweet can watch together with bf but too bad i don't have
then back sum sum's house had dinner again!
this time aunty prepare dinner for us
also very jeng!
eat til none stop n v habis all the things
maybe v used many energy when in disneyland ba
its really a tiring and joyful day!

2day was public holiday at HK
at first we decided go hk island to have a look there
go there try ride 'ding ding' and walk around
but v fail to do so caz got parade happening there
uncle sked us will stuck there and cant back on time
so v listened to uncle n change our plan to jim sha zui
v just walk around since all de shops there almost all is branded shop
after that v back home to take our luggage and move forward to airport and say GOODBYE to hk!
i saw this..=D
n i watch this..=DD
meet up with lok lok jie jie
thx suk suk n sum sum....=)
bye hk!
虽然没有遇到ah sa