Saturday, October 30, 2010


last presenatation was done on thursday
numerical assignment and lab report also settle by friday morning
so i wana shout out ' done done done done'
all the assignment presentation and report were done!
now just have to wait for my final
will have 1 week of the study week
suprisingly i did not plan to back ipoh
i will stay in melacca in the coming study week
will take the 1st few days to relax then will start work hard after that
i wan to fight for my final as if i stil wan keep inside the dean list
i believe that this sem result gonna drop again but i hope i can get pointer 3.5
god bless me!

p/s: will have industrial talk 2ml morning but yet i still here blogging and FB'ing...hope i will not fishing in the talk but its quite hard!haha

Monday, October 25, 2010

presentation week

just done 1 presentation 2day
wore baju kebaya for 2day presentation
all my malay coursemate say me lawa and even the clean toilet punya aunty
they say me more ayu then real malay
they say me look like puteri Hang Li Po
thanks all the ppl who praise me
make me got 'an shuang' yi xia

stil got 1 more presentation waiting me
i can relax abit after tat
waiting that moment to come!

p/s:will wear baju kurung for my next presentation...=)